Become the ENVY of all

 It is no secret that for the last few decades we have been decorating our homes in various shades of White. From ceiling to floor we have had a love affair with the vacancy of colour. However we are moving toward a new era in home design. In the un-certain times we live there is a need to surround ourselves in colour, to bring the outside in and create a cocoon of tranquillity and calm when we return home. We first noticed the arrival of this enviable colour in 2016, where shades of green peaked through in homewares and interior magazines showed a shift was imminent. A new year arrived and with it a renewed look. Forsaking the neutral palettes we are accustomed to, the design wheels were in motion for a colour take over. Many “seasoned” decorators will know this is nothing new as the 80’s and 90’s embraced green in all its glory and faults. Can it relate to generations both new to the trend and old? Absolutely!

Interior ‘trends’ can last decades if executed correctly and the latest version of the green ‘trend’ is moody greens paired with gorgeous shades of peacock blues and teals. Deep dark and handsome is the aim of the game and using textiles that are textural and tactile works best.  Deep ocean tones in velvets are flooding the market and the options are available from upholstery to curtains.  Great design is classic design. Not boring or stiff in its approach, but chic. With this design principal in mind be bold and think outside the box with furniture and use green as a bold neutral. Using a great design classic, like a chesterfield, re imagine it in a sophisticated emerald velvet. If a furniture piece has great lines, a colour will emphasise its best assets and make it a design classic.

Using green as inspiration envelop your walls with a lick of jade paint or bold wallpaper. Don’t be afraid of going deep on your walls you can lift the mood with whites and creams. Glistening brass and metallic accents contrast beautifully with moody colours. Lighting is key with darker walls and can be the difference between a successful use of colour or not. Lamps add mood lighting while statement pendants are functional and yet art in itself. With wallpaper the designs are getting bigger, bolder and more creative. Giant palm prints contribute to a vintage vibe, while natural stone and agate inspired prints gives a design punch to your walls.  With homewares think a literal representation of green. Indoor plants are huge and faux foliage is back and better than ever. 

Moody greens are alluring, sexy and fresh. It’s a colour which translates well into both transitional décor and modern style. With a large variety of shades available to the consumer, you can find the perfect shade to suit both your style and disposition.  Although the phrase ‘trend’ can be intimidating, interior trends can last the test of time if done in a classic and chic way. We believe moody greens have the sticking power to over-come trend status and will be here for years to come.