Changing of the Seasons and Online Shopping

Changing of the Seasons and Online Shopping

Welcome to our first BLOG !

With this blog we hope to bring you the latest in trends and recommendations on our favourite recently arrived pieces.

Autumn is on the horizon and with a change in season brings a subtle change in our interiors in preparation for Winter 2017. The key for this season is textures, patterns and layers, these top three additions add instant warmth and interest, without a budget blow out!

We suggest the following:
Revisit old pieces and give them new life with renewed upholstery and refresh your space with updating soft furnishings. In store we keep a well stocked library of "Up to the minute" cushions, throws and bed covers which have been personally selected to compliment this seasons trends.
If investing new curtains or drapes is on your hit list this year, then use this Season as an opportunity to add pattern to envelop the room with personality and warmth, our collection of gorgeous fabrics will truly inspire you and we have the right team in place to give you the advice you are searching for.

Online shopping.

We have just recently launch along with our upgraded website, a tremendous online shop to go with it. Simply click this link  and you will be re-directed.