For the love of rugs.

For the love of rugs.


Creating spaces with natural floor rugs.

Defining different zones in open plan living often comes down to the correct flooring selection. Natural floor rugs are a great way to define individual spaces as well as bring functionality and style to your home. They anchor your furniture whilst linking together your surrounding interiors to create individual areas where once walls stood to define what was your separate dining, living & kitchen.

Today we are seeing a huge movement towards The Outdoors with many interior rugs made from natural grasses or fibers like sisal, wool, jute, hemp being used a lot more in the home, because of the 100% sustainable qualities they have. These all natural fiber’s add warmth and tranquility to a space whist also are favored for their robust, hard wearing nature and insulation qualities. They can reduce your energy bill by helping your home retain a steady temperature.

Their natural colourings from the ivory’s, to warm almonds and caramels, to cooler hues found in grey concrete tone’s which create impact and depth to a zone, Complimented by tribal designs such as Aztec or ikat which subtilty add colour and interest to a room. Having a neutral base also means you can experiment with layering, cowhides and reindeer hides look great layered with big floor rugs. They also add another element of nature within.

Words by Catherine Smith.