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Inspiring Interior Design with Kat

Inspiring Interior Design with Kat


Bringing Tribal Design into your home.

What do the words Tribal design conjure up in your mind? Do you immediately think of safari adventures and amazing wild life or beautiful patterns and rich colours?  Have you noticed a Tribal influence in the home is becoming ever more popular? We have. And @Mareehynesinteriors we love it! How can you incorporate this genre of decorating into your space to fit with your décor and life style?

Give consideration to the materials used in the home. Animal hides and raw leathers, beaten metals and natural woods these elements can create a room with texture and interest. We are thrilled with the mix of furniture and homewares available on the market. There is an abundance of unique original pieces on offer that have been ethically sourced from all around the world. There truly is perfection in imperfection. Using items both new and old, collected and gathered through your travels is a great way to get the “look” we are trying to attain. Infusing colour and pattern into the design is equally important.  Warm colours are vital to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Terracotta, clay, creams and burnt umbers and work beautifully with this style and the rawness of the materials we mentioned above.

When dressing your home there are plenty ways to layer a space. Textiles are readily available now with African motifs. Heavy linen base cloths mixed with embroidery and throws with hand painted designs are a must.  Try urns and vases that are grand in scale and with a hand beaten effect or large carved wooden bowls can be a great addition to your coffee table. When it comes to your walls there is plenty on offer. Large scale portraits featuring African people adorned in there stunning tribal necklaces and clothing. Also there are some fun and interesting wallpapers patterns on the market, for example wallpaper inspired from African mud cloth as pictured below. We just adore Andrew Martins “Expedition” fabric collection in which we find glorious sight of animals marching in a row, colours are muted and soft meaning you could incorporate it easily in curtains, blinds or custom made cushions. Wherever we look we can see this modern tribal influence in all areas of interior design and we hope you too are inspired to allow a little piece of Africa in your home.



                                                                                            words by Taryn Beech