It’s time to discard the plain walls and welcome wallpaper once more into our homes. Our grandparents and parents knew the power of pattern. They were bold and daring in their choices especially in the groovy 60’s and 70’s. However for centuries wallpaper has been a vital part in transforming the houses we live in, into homes. In fact since the 18th century wallpaper has been a large part in transforming a space and adding depth to the walls we like to surround ourselves with. Like generations before, we need to embrace this once more. Wallpaper is versatile, striking and bold.  

Although the much beloved feature wall is still an option, think bigger, braver and bolder. Confidently wrap all 4 walls in your space with pattern. Or think outside the box and look up to the 5th wall above. Ceilings are a great opportunity to inject the room with character and whimsy.

Wallpaper can be used in creative ways. Have an old bookcase needing attention? Consider giving the backbone of the bookcase a face lift with wallpaper. Having a pop of pattern at the back will breathe new life into a once dull piece. Needing a headboard? By framing a section of wallpaper behind your bed with decorative moulding, you create a unique point of difference. Now the wallpaper has become a striking piece of art as well as a headboard.

Using wallpaper to face the fronts of tired furniture is also a fun way to use pattern. Simply remove the hardware from fronts, sand the flat surfaces and prep accordingly. With adhesive apply wallpaper as you would the walls, trim excess and admire your work as it sits proudly in your room.

No matter what your project aspirations our showroom boasts a large variety of wallpaper options in every style and price point. Let our friendly team help you find the perfect wallpaper for your home or project. Whether you start small with a piece of furniture, or embrace a whole room makeover let us help you discover the transformative power of wallpaper.