Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Inspiration from Maree Hynes Gifts and Interiors

Here at Maree Hynes Interiors our designers are on top of their game to provide their clients with the very best in modern design and options for all budgets.

Our wealth of knowledge combined with keeping an eye on new trends in the industry gives you, our client alternatives that you may not have known about before.

Take for instance the impact of this fresh contemporary wall decal, recently applied to one of our client’s bedrooms inspired by our interior designer Kat from Maree Hynes Interiors.

For a lot of us empty wall space is a vehicle for us to go to sometimes extreme expense. Filling up that space with art, shelves filled with nick nack’s or even furniture.

When a simple but effective wall decal will achieve the same impact if not more!  It is among the most unique and affordable decorations that add to the rooms the exact vibe they need.

Stickers and removable custom wall decals are usually made of vinyl therefore usable for different kind of surfaces.

Ask us at Maree Hynes Interiors about this affordable alternative to brightening up your or your child’s bedroom. Create personalised spaces with this ingenious application. Wall decals can motivate, inspire or create a relaxing mood in your home.

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