Winter - A season to look forward to!

Winter - A season to look forward to!

For me, I have always loved Winter. There is something special about being tucked up inside while the rain and wind swirl outside. Its a time when we really appreciate good heating, fabulous cooking, and time spent with family in front of the fire!

How we choose to decorate our living space for Winter also effects the warmth of the room. For example, take away the sheep skin rug on the floor in the above image, how do you feel about the room now?

Fur and faux fur have had a real resurgence in the past two years, and it doesn't show signs of stopping. The look, the feel makes it a gorgeous accessory, should it be in the form of a rug, throw or cushion.

The right curtains also play an important part in this scene, imagine drawing the curtains and the fire roaring once night falls? Simply divine. Full length curtains always appeal to me, how about you?

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