Argyle Holdings (2003) Limited

Argyle Holdings (2003) Limited as a company and its shareholder’s as private  clients have the greatest respect for the business and staff of Marie Hynes Interiors. Don’t be misled that their showroom looks expensive, it is not, it is very competitive with all like businesses in the whole Canterbury region. The staff are well qualified and have great knowledge of their products being able to listen and offer professional and friendly advise where appropriate. This company will attempt and most likely succeed is acquiring any furnishing you may require.

Our business has used their talents in (a) external and internal colour coordination (b) furniture design and placement (c) drape and blind selections, design and installation (d) home staging

The process of dealing with the staff of Marie Hynes Interiors is a real pleasure and their attention to detail does not stop until you are 100% satisfied  - a great place to do business.


Murray Williamson
Man. Director
Argyle Holdings (2003) Limited