Honeycomb Blinds

For the maximum insulation of your home, dress your windows with the exquisite style of Honeycomb Blinds. Available as a single comb that is 25mm wide with a 10mm gap between the combs, or 38mm wide with 20mm gap in either Blockout or Translucent fabrics. Let light gently filter in while still enjoying privacy or block it out completely. The choice is yours.

Honeycomb Blinds provide a very warm and cozy feel to any room. They are energy efficient and add sound absorption properties to the home.

Honeycomb’s are a great blind all-year-round. They provide UV control and block external heat, whilst resisting heat loss from within the room. Such insulation properties help reduce the use of heaters in winter and air-conditioning in summer. Blinds fold away to a small discrete stack when not in use.

It is the uniquely designed shape of the Honeycomb blind that traps heat in the comb shape and creates excellent sound reduction.

100% polyester creates a crisp pleat that will not pull out with use.